About CLIP

Group photo of CLIP faculty, residents, fellows, and guests

Who We Are

We are an engaged team of faculty, residents, fellows, students, and partners dedicated to advancing the way pharmacy is practiced in our communities, regionally, nationally, and across the globe. We believe every person should have access to pharmacist-provided care in their communities. We are committed to ensuring the best practice tools, education, and policies are widely accessible to make a difference in the way people acheive better health.


Advancing pharmacy practice and the health of people in our communities through discovery, innovation, training, implementation, and collaboration with our partners and patients.


To be a dynamic center known for leading and creating community-based pharmacist innovations, pioneering novel approaches to education, developing collaborative research, and implementing a sustainable pharmacist-provided care.

What We Do

  • Develop and deliver flexible training programs adaptable to real-life busy patient care practices.
  • Partner to conduct meaningful practice-based research utilizing mixed-methods approaches grounded in implementation science.
  • Apply our broad research expertise to our community including: large epidemiologic studies, application of systens engineering priciples to pharmacy, and health services research.
  • Inspire change through our work as educators and researchers through service to the profession, contributing as invited experts for policy and advocacy, pharmacist practice implementation and content areas.
  • Enhance health outcomes of patients through our partners and faculty providing patient-centered care within the health care team.

History of Success

  • Over 360 invited presentations
  • Over 160 publications
  • Graduated over 35 residents in community, ambulatory, and underserved practices who are now leaders nationwide – including 16 faculty
  • Over 25 national recognition awards for our faculty in the areas of community pharmacy practice, healthcare innovation, transitions of care, comminuty-based research, and teaching.
  • Coordinate 22 courses
  • Established the first Community Pharmacy Research Fellowship in the US