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Past Fellows and Fellowship Directors
(From left to right) Melissa McGivney, Joni Carroll, Katie Doong, and Kim Coley

Research Fellowship in Community Care

The Community Pharmacy Research Fellowship program was established within the Department of Pharmacy and Therapeutics at the University of Pittsburgh in 2007.

The goal of this fellowship program is to provide graduates with a solid foundation in scholarship pertaining to community pharmacy practice, and emphasis is placed on developing future faculty members. The fellowship program is designed to build upon the school’s community- based initiatives while actively contributing to the research agenda for community-based scholarship.

Learn more about the Research Fellowship in Community Care here.

Past Fellows

Community Practice Development Fellowship

The Community Practice Development Fellowship includes much of the same training of the Research Fellowship in Community Care, with a focus on developing a skillset which allows the Fellow to lead practice development efforts, both on an individual practice-level and on a broader regional/national level.

Past Fellows

Current Fellows