Student Learning & Outreach

CLIP ARCO students present at APhA Annual 2019
CLIP ARCO students Samantha George, Jenny Li, and Tori Blake present their research at the APhA Annual Meeting 2019.

Providing medication-related care to our communities is at the core of our Center’s mission. Our students along with faculty and alumni provide care to people in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas longitudinally throughout the year. We serve nearly 10,000 patients annually in senior centers, underserved communities, and community pharmacies. Below are select community-related programs in which PittPharmacy students participate, in some cases through the core curriculum and in other cases in addition to it.

Silver ScriptsSilver Scripts is a continuous outreach program to senior community centers in the Pittsburgh area. Student pharmacists complete comprehensive medication reviews to identify drug therapy problems ranging from nonadherence to inappropriate medication therapy or doses. The Silver Scripts experience gives students early exposure to real patient encounters, thereby allowing them to increase their level of comfort in communicating with patients and build a therapeutic knowledge base.
Grace Lamsam Pharmacy Program for the UnderservedThe Lamsam Program engages volunteer pharmacists and students in providing pharmacy services to homeless and low income individuals in Pittsburgh. The program has served our Pittsburgh community for over 20 years, with over 4,000 people cared for each year.
Areas of ConcentrationArea of concentration (ARCO) programs provide an opportunity for students to pursue in depth an area of personal interest during their four years of pharmacy school. There are six areas of concentration.
Community Leadership and Innovation in Practice (CLIP) ARCO
Global Health ARCO
Community Pharmacy NetworkDuring the students’ second academic year, the focus is to develop a true pharmacy network. Curriculum and pharmacy practice experiences are designed to foster patient care and enact real change within the community through a variety of initiatives. Some of these initiatives include: Script Your Future®, Operation Immunization, and Get Smart®.